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Bootcamping is the fun, super reliable all weather, year round outdoor group fitness service for you whatever your gender, age (18+) and current fitness level.

Bootcamping is all about making best use of the environment to provide you with terrific workouts in all weather , yes, that even means under extreme conditions, such as when it’s sunny... thankfully thats rare! ;-)

More so, Bootcamping inspires you to achieve far more than you ever believed... Try us for a week (for free)  and open the door to a whole new world. It’s much more than a fitness class :)

Where to catch us
* Belfast Shaws Bridge
* North Coast Portrush
* North Coast Portstewart

Free Week
to try Bootcamping
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Uniformed front line worker?
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Test, tune and challenge with Bootcamping
* Bootcamping sessions are random, however, there are three sessions each month designed to test, adjust and challenge:
* Fitness testing - Assess your progress to adjust & show off
* RunnerNutter - Tune your movement over the ground
* MuddyMental - Challenge your limits and experience more

See your specific venue page for schedules and details


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